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    1. 回轉支承結構設計合理


      Single Volleyball Q Series Rotary Bearings

      • 產品名稱: Single Volleyball Q Series Rotary Bearings
      • 產品分類: Single Volleyball Rotary Bearing
      • 聯系方式: ??13376399168/0535-7778788
      • 添加時間: 19/06/20

            The single-row four-point contact spherical slewing bearing is composed of two seat rings. It has compact structure, light weight and four-point contact between steel ball and arc raceway. It can bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment at the same time. Rotary conveyor, welding manipulator, small and medium crane and excavator can be selected.

      Analysis of Common Faults of Rotary Bearing-Bearing with Abnormal Noise:
             When the rotary bearing just out of the factory rotates in idle, some bearings will make a uniform sound of rolling steel balls, which is normal. When the rotary bearing runs after installation, another kind of abnormal and larger sound is called abnormal sound.
             (1)The slight abnormal sound of bearings when idling will disappear naturally after rotating for tens of cycles. If it does not disappear, it may be caused by slight deformation of bearings with slight slewing support in the course of transportation. However, if the operation is flexible and normal, it can be safely installed and used. After a period of time, it will disappear naturally, such as louder noise or after a period of use (generally 2). - Four months) has not disappeared, we should contact our after-sales service department in time.
             (2)When abnormal noise occurs in trial operation after assembly, it should be checked whether the bearing installation surface is smooth and meets the requirements. If the roughness of the installation surface does not meet the requirements, it will cause abnormal noise in the negative clearance of raceway, and the treatment method is the same as "the operation is not flexible after installation"; or the meshing of small and small gears is not good, when tight, the meshing is too tight in the position of big jump of teeth. Make a noise.
             (3)There are several reasons for the abnormal sound produced in the process of using (firstly, it should be determined whether it is the sound of slewing bearing, some steel structures or other components, often mistaken for the sound of Anhui slewing bearing, therefore, the sound source can be distinguished by stopping the rotation of slewing bearing and normal operation of other components). Because: there is a lack of grease in the raceway, when the rolling body collides with the partition, the noise can be eliminated immediately after oil injection; there are foreign substances mixed in the raceway, such as sand, iron scraps, etc., which often accompanies with difficulties in rotation (generally this situation is easy to occur in the harsher working conditions), at the same time, attention should be paid to the sealing strip. Whether the bolt is damaged or not; loose installation leads to elastic deformation of slewing bearing and negative clearance at the deformed position. Eliminate the above situation. If there is still abnormal sound in slewing bearing, please contact the service department for treatment.

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