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      Single Volleyball Type 01 Series Rotary Bearings

      • 產品名稱: Single Volleyball Type 01 Series Rotary Bearings
      • 產品分類: Single Volleyball Rotary Bearing
      • 聯系方式: ??13376399168/0535-7778788
      • 添加時間: 19/06/20

      Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Rotary Bearing
             The single-row four-point contact spherical slewing bearing is composed of two seat rings. It has compact structure, light weight and four-point contact between steel ball and arc raceway. It can bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment at the same time. Rotary conveyor, welding manipulator, small and medium crane and excavator can be selected.
             1、The hardening hardness of the surface of slewing bearing should not be less than 55HRC, the depth of hardening layer should not be less than 4mm, and the width of soft band should not be less than 50mm.
             2、Grinding of slewing bearing is very important. It is necessary to select suitable grinding wheel to finish grinding, and to strictly control the linear speed so as to avoid the occurrence of raceway burns. Then finish grinding, the resin grinding wheel with particle size of 46 or 60 should be selected to grind. The grinding quantity can not exceed rough grinding, and the smoothness should meet the required grade requirements.
             3、Resilience is important. Slewing support is very thin, so many parts look good, but it will be reimbursed soon when used in the machine. When you first choose, you can check the toughness of slewing support.
             In addition to the choice of products, it is also very important to protect the slewing bearings when they are in use. In the operation of the machines, some lubricants can be added from time to time to protect them, which can effectively promote their service life.

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