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    1. 回轉支承結構設計合理


      Double-row Ball 07 Series Rotary Bearing

      • 產品名稱: Double-row Ball 07 Series Rotary Bearing
      • 產品分類: Double-row spherical Slewing Support
      • 聯系方式: ??13376399168/0535-7778788
      • 添加時間: 19/06/20

      How to Deal with Insensitive Rotation of Rotary Bearing
             First, the newly purchased products are insensitive to idling. Before installation, we should carefully check whether there is any collision damage in the transportation process, if there will be abnormal noise. If this happens, please contact our after-sales service department in time, and we will solve it for you as soon as possible. In addition, consider whether because the weather is colder, the grease stickiness in the raceway can make the operation ineffective (cold area, winter is more outstanding), if this kind of work can be done after adding force and no other abnormal can be used normally.
             2. Insensitive operation after installation. It can not cooperate well between the main engine device surface and the rotary bearing device surface, so that the axial clearance of the rotary bearing behind the device can not compensate for the deformation of the rotary bearing. The rotary bearing is in a negative clearance condition, and the rolling body is difficult to work in the raceway (sometimes accompanied by abnormal noise); or the meshing of the mega-fine gears is bad; or the internal card of the mega-fine gears is different. Things.
      Cleaning methods:
             1、Processing the plane of the main engine device from scratch to make the plane of the device meet the requirements; or choosing the gasket sufficiently to deal with it.
             2、From scratch, adjust meshing backlash of mega-fine gears according to demand, especially pay attention to the maximum direction of gear runout.
             3、Check to ensure that there is no foreign body in the meshing direction of the mega-fine gears.
             4、Exchange a slewing bearing with slightly larger clearance.
      3. Insensitivity in operation
             1、Short amount of grease, fill up according to requirement
             2、The sealing strip is damaged and foreign body is formed into the raceway (such as poor operation condition, dust intrusion in the raceway, etc.).
             3、Check the meshing status of mega-fine gears, whether there are foreign bodies or broken teeth.

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