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    1. 回轉支承結構設計合理


      Periodic Inspection and Maintenance of Slewing Bearing

       Adhering to the tenet of "Customer Satisfaction is our eternal pursuit", our company is willing to provide more customers with good products and satisfactory services in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win and common development with the spirit of courage, enterprising, modest learning, continuous development and continuous innovation. The following is a brief introduction to the periodic inspection and maintenance of slewing bearings.
             In the implementation of maintenance work, first of all, attention should be paid to the danger of being dragged into the rotary pinion, crushing and shearing danger. In performing the following tasks, it is important to ensure that no maintenance worker is in danger zone between the main arm, boarding and rolling disc or between alighting and rolling disc when starting the engine to perform the necessary swing and luffing operations. For the first time, 100 working hours of slewing support are used to check the bolt pre-tightening moment. If more than 10% of the bolts are loose, check again in 200 working hours. Check every 500 working hours in the future; shorten the check interval in bad working conditions. If a bolt is found to be loosened below 80% of the specified moment after 2000 hours of work, the bolt and two adjacent bolts should be replaced. If it is found that 20% of the bolts are loosened to less than 80% of the specified moment, all the bolts should be replaced. After 14,000 hours of work, all bolts will be replaced. For equipment with high rotation speed or continuous rotation or frequent operation, refuel every 100 working hours. The time interval of adding lubricating grease should be further shortened in bad working conditions.

             Above is the periodic inspection and maintenance of the rotary support introduced by Xiaobian. We will provide better service for our customers with satisfactory products and competitive prices.


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