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    1. 回轉支承結構設計合理


      How to Maintain Slewing Bearing

      Rotary bearings are widely used in ship equipment, construction machinery, light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries. They are called "machine joints". The joints of human body bear the weight of human body. Rotary bearings also bear the comprehensive load of machinery. Therefore, in the application process, timely maintenance and rotation are carried out. Supporting is very important to ensure the safe operation of mechanical equipment. The following is the maintenance method of slewing bearing:
        When the revolving support is disintegrated, the outer ring of the revolving support should be connected with the boarding car, the inner ring with the boarding car, and the sealing ring on the revolving support should be cleanly put in place. The equipment should be separated by the well crane, and the bolts on the revolving support should be removed. When the steel ball and isolation sleeve are all taken out, the steel ball and isolation sleeve are inspected. If there are cracks or damages on the isolation sleeve, the steel ball should be replaced in time. And the inspection of the steel ball is to clean the steel ball and put it in the sunshine to see if there are pits or pits on the steel ball.
        When the bearing is disassembled and repaired by the slewing bearing, the appearance of the bearing is first recorded, the residual amount of lubricant is confirmed, and the bearing is cleaned after sampling. Gasoline and kerosene are widely used as cleaning agents.
        Before installation, pay attention to clean the new bearing, fill it with grease, and plug the oil passage cavity with the filling hole. Horizontal adjustment should be made before lifting and lifting 200 mm from the ground to keep the large bearing in a horizontal state so as not to slip on the bracket and back. In order to avoid shearing the base, a small amount of lubricating oil should be added to the base. After stretching in place, adjust the position of the large bearing with four lifting lugs inside the cylinder. The bolt holes are machined to prepare the installation surface.
        Above is the introduction of how to repair slewing bearing. Do you understand it? I hope this introduction can help you! If you want to know more about slewing bearings, please pay attention to our website!


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