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    1. 回轉支承結構設計合理


      Structural Advantage of Rotary Bearing

      Rotary bearing is a kind of large bearing which can bear comprehensive load, and can bear large axial, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. The structural advantages of slewing support are as follows:
        Rotary bearing usually has installation holes, internal or external gears, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices, so it can make the main engine design compact, easy to guide and maintain. Rotary bearing has four series of four-point contact ball bearings with or without teeth, external teeth and internal teeth, double row angular contact ball bearings, cross cylindrical roller bearings, cross tapered roller bearings and three row cylindrical roller composite bearings. Among them, four-point contact ball bearings have higher static load capacity and cross cylindrical roller bearings have higher static load capacity. Dynamic load capacity and pre-interference of cross tapered roller bearings can make the bearings have greater support rigidity and rotation accuracy. Three row cylindrical roller combined bearings lead to the bearing height because of the increase of load-bearing capacity, and all kinds of forces are borne by different raceways, so the bearing diameter can be greatly reduced under the same load conditions. The size of slewing support is very large, unlike ordinary bearings, which are not sleeved on the mandrel and installed in the bearing box, but fastened on the upper and lower supports by screw.
        Above is the introduction of the structural advantages of slewing bearing. Do you understand it? If you want to know more about slewing bearings, please pay attention to our website. Because we are mainly engaged in slewing support, if you have the need of slewing support, we look forward to your call, we will certainly provide you with good quality products and sincere service, willing to sincerely cooperate with you to create a better future!


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